Horoscope for 24 libra

The one who got away may not have after all! Yasmin Boland is back next week.

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Your stars today were written by Ra Rishikavi Raghudas. PS Get your horoscope chart done for free — just click here! Yasmin Boland Moonology. Facebook Twitter. For your eyes only… For you Librans, who are ruled by Venus, today is when the past might come back to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, so keep your eyes open!


Your stars today were written by Ra Rishikavi Raghudas Free horoscope reports PS Get your horoscope chart done for free — just click here! Share this:. Usually, when people think of great relationships, they think about real, deep connections. They think of two people completing each other, or otherwise enabling each other to live to their fullest potential. Unfortunately, for the September 24 Libra, the perfect relationship is all about surface appearances. Do you look happy? Do you look like the perfect couple?

Do you look like the power couple that is going places in life? Now, this might seem like a bad thing, but as Libras mature, they make it work. So the bottom line is as long as you have the inner maturity, even surface-driven relationships can pan out for you.

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Those with a birthday on September 24 are best suited for careers involving the fashion industry or public relations. You know how to create some sort of artificial reality in the minds of people. Accordingly, you would a great job as a PR specialist, consultant, or strategist.

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You would also do well in the fashion industry. You have an inborn sense of external perception.


You believe that what people see is a strong component of reality. This is why you make it a big point in your life to make sure that everything looks right. Your understanding is that if things look a certain way, ultimately your reality will catch up to them. Most people work in the other direction. Your most positive trait is the fact that you try to make everybody look good. Your main thing is appearance. So at the very least, when people hang around you, they will at least appear well.

Libra Daily Horoscope – August 24 | Yasmin Boland

This is not a small thing. A lot of people are so focused on internal honesty that they let external appearances go down the toilet, and this causes all sorts of problems. You have to understand that when people detect any sort of break or disruption, they often use it as an excuse to entertain their worst instincts.

And the worst part to all of this is that you brought it on yourself. When was the last time you painted something?


Looks are very important to you, but as you probably already know, things that are bright or that glitter like gold might not necessarily be gold or really bright objects. They just look like it.