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To have it first is totally unconscionable! The world doesn't need such despicable nonsense, and Google shouldn't be helping distribute it!!! How could such a website be number one in relevance, unless Google is being paid to put it there? To include jewWatch in a search on Jews in not right. This is an not an acceptable situation. American companies cannot support hate of any kind.

This is not a 1st Amendment issue. I think your "jew" site is disgusting and until you remove it, I will no longer use your website. I will also make a point of telling everyone I know to do the same! What you are doing, is promoting more hatred and bigotry. Get a clue. Don't you think that the world is already overloaded with dislike of different cultures?

Isn't there enough war, hatred and destruction in the world. How can you request 50, signatures to remove JewWatch. Don't you have a conscense? There's enough bloodshed in this world already.

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Take the site off the top and place it at the bottom where it belongs. This petition was sent to me, and I was shocked! I had to sign this petition. Tell everyone you know about this! Freedom of Speech vs slander? I think there is a difference and this site has stepped over the line. I understand why this happened but I think it best to eliminate it.

It sends the wrong message. I can't believe it takes a petition to remove such a despicable reference. Let's get rid of it, please.

The University of Maryland Jewish community pleads that the site be removed as it is offensive. The fact that you require 50k signatures to remove this website is absurd. Google should just go ahead and remove and not require 50M signatures for something so offensive. Don't let Google's usefulness be tarnished by those anti-Semites that have abused Search Engine Optimization.

A responsible organization should not do anything to encourage and abet anti-Semitism or any other form of bigotry. Most inappropiate and helps spread antisemitism especially for those who already lean in that direction.

There are enough problems in this world and adding fuel to the fire certainly doesn't help any. The thought that Google Knowingly provides a platform for such viscious Antisemitism is mind boggling. And google chairman still has the Chutzpah to announce that even if 50, sign the petition it will not be removed. I wonder what he will do when 6,, Jews boycott Google?

I think the site personally should be taken down, though not a Jew myself i find i take offence at a site such as that. The site is reprehensible,obscene and although I uphold the freedom of speech and religion, I find the support of such hatred unconscionable. It is outrageous in this day and age for Google to ignore this form of hatred and racism! It is offensive for us to see how other people as well as ourselves are discrimiated because of their appearance or beliefs, please help us erradicating this kind of conducts.

My wish for the person who started this site is this I hope that your only offspring marries a Jew!! It is an outrage that you have not removed this from Google a long time ago. This is reprehensible. While I'm all for freedom of speech, this is willful promotion of hatred. As someone who regularly uses Google. When people search the word "Jew" on google, they do not expect to see rude lies about the Jews and their history, they expect to learn about the beauty of the religion.

I've never heard of anything so blatantly rediculous, that you need 50, signatures to remove something that is morrally unacceptable.

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Would you impose the same rules if the case were something else? Shame on you Google! The website should be removed because it clearly exist for only one reason which is to propogate hate toward a specific group of people. Anyone who would waste their time to creat such a website is obviously lacking in tolerance and seeks to further this intolerance with lies and misinformation. This is an absolute disgrace. How can you permit an anti-Semitic website to be displayed so prominently!

Fress speech is one thing. But "speech" that promotes hatred can be quite costly. At the very least, the JewWatch site should carry a clear anotation that its contents are anti-semitic. It is an outrage that Google is allowing this anti-Semitic site, and even worse that it is listed in first place. We do not need any additional anti-semetic websites. It is important that Google consider this situation.

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It's unforgiveable. I am not Jewish, but Jesus was. No need to remove JewWatch. Exceptions to your random website listings by topic should be made when a website incites hatred.

Specifically regarding jewwatch. Maybe you have to work a little harder than relying on a computer program to make all your decisions on how to rank the order of a website. As a google user, I am surprised to learn that there is no further analysis of the content for each website. At the very least, google. Remove it before getting 50, signatures! This is your only policy, but not ours! Your anti-Semitism is awful thing.

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I strongly am against anything which can target and incite hatred or ridicule any against any ethnic group of people. Virulent anti-semitism is a function of HATE. Whatever activities, e. I would like Google to refuse to host anti-Semitic websites and any other sites that target and defame groups of people.

I don't think that it is always a good idea to deny freedom of speech, but I'll make an exception in this case. Though I think that they are addressing the converted, one needs to rebut the misinformation if it is not removed. Please remove this hateful and inflammatory link from your search engine. Have you looked at it? I have. It's scary how sneakily they weave anti-Semitic information, and then have a link to Simon Weisenthal just to throw you off. These are dangerous people and Google is helping to promote their propoganda of hate. This is more than outrageous.

Silly me, I thought that such unevolved mindless cruelty had gone out with the 20th Century. As the child of a Holocaust survivor I am very upset that such a fine resource as Google would be involved in an anti-semitic website. Do you think I would want my children to see this? It reminds me of Nazi Germany propaganda all over again. Have we learned nothing in the past 50 years? Are you more careful about the information you provide about other minority groups? I thought "google" would have responded before the call came out for people to petition them to make the necessary changes.

If all Jews boycott Google. Considering the state of affairs in the world today and the growing anti-Semitism, it is important to do what we can to decrease this threat and spread of hatred and prejudice. Because of the virulent attack on Jews with such gross lies as denial of the Holocaust it seems that any group of conscience would refuse to disseminate such hateful material at face value without the need for a petition requiring thousands of signatures.

Shame on you.. Please don't add to the chaos in this world today.

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  • Remove this from your valuable search engine. Be a positive influence in our society. Don't be a flash point for more hate in this world. Please do your best to prevent hate based web sites from getting into your network at all.